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Luxury Yacht Charter Guide To East Italy

The famed maze of waterways, the gliding shadow of a gondola, and the way the light philtres through the bridges – is there any wonder that East Italy is considered the land of Italian romance? For yacht charters sailing around the baroque quarters of East Italy, prepare for a world of grandiose palaces, mythical masque balls, and excessive banquets that can last for days. A little further along and you will find the treasures of the countryside and splendid seaside towns for dropping anchor. This side of Italy seems very much to be tangled in the good times of the eternal past – but with an artsy lifestyle and penchant for beautiful things, nobody seems to be complaining.

Reasons To Charter A Yacht In East Italy

Venetian Splendour

The Grand Canal carves through Venice with the sweeping style of an aristocrat. The banks are lined with beautiful examples of baroque architecture and the Palazzo Ducale and San Marco Basilica only add to the epic splendour of the skyline. Venice is a must see – not only for her gorgeous glory but for her exceptional way of life where fancy dress, crazy carnivals, and epic operas come as standard.

Epic Events

The Venice Film Festival, the races of Trieste and of course – the famous Carnival that brings out surreal style around Shrove Tuesday – a yacht charter in East Italy is a smorgasbord of glorious events. People travel from every far-flung corner of the globe to partake in the Venice Festival. This is a time when you will see the most elaborate costumes. Even if you don’t dress up, be sure to beg, borrow or steal a mask from the famed Ca Macana mask maker.

Rustic Riches

Taking a yacht charter around East Italy cracks open a world of rustic riches. From the 16th century fountain that marks Trieste to the rolling vineyard clad countryside that makes up Puglia and the artistic beating heart of Ravenna, the East Coast isn’t only captivating in culture, but also in the feeling that you have stepped back right into the past.

Fabulous Feasts

No yacht charter to Italy would be complete without drooling over the food. East Italy is an elegant affair offering feasts fit for kings. Once upon a time part of the ancient spice route, its no wonder that the lagoon like isle has a special relationship with rare and regal dishes. Expect inky black squid spaghetti, aromatic anchovies, fluffy frittelle doused in sugar and candied orange peel, and beautiful fizzing Bellini’s beside the water.

Where To Visit In Venice And East Italy


From the gasp worthy sight of Piazza San Marco (declared by Napoleon as the Drawing Room of Europe) to cruising the maze-like waterways on a romantic gondola – Venice knows how to pull out all the stops. Yacht charter guests visiting Venice will find art and culture in abundance. Climb up the Campanile for views out across the city and towards the Dolomites, sample venetian tapas, visit the opera to hear the heart wrenching sound of Vivaldi, and pick up the prettiest lace, glass, and feathered mask souvenirs.


Trieste can feel like the edge of the universe as it tumbles down into the wild Adriatic. Bordering Slovenia, yacht charters sailing the eastern edge of Trieste will find a world smitten by the changing course of history, alive with a rich and fertile wine culture, and brimming with beautiful belle epoque cafes. The harbour is utterly enchanting but it’s the Piazza Unita Italia that truly steals the imagination hemmed in by the sea and a bounty of impressive architecture. The roman theatre, crumbling castles, and gorgeous grottos close by should be all on your list when exploring Trieste.


Former elected capital of the Western Roman Empire, Ravenna has left its mark on the world. For yacht charters exploring East Italy, you will be hard pressed to find something that matches Ravenna. Boasting eight UNESCO heritage sites, a troll through the streets and churches of Ravenna will showcase some of the earliest examples of Christian mosaics. The Basilica of San Vitale is a must see, as is the Battistero Neoniano. When you tyre of exploring all the historic sites you can duck a little further north where the Adriatic beaches boast golden sands, salty air, and remarkable La Dolce Vita vibes.


The whole region of Puglia is a perfect example of Italian grace and grandeur. From the deck of your yacht charter you can cast your eye across the whitewashed towns clinging to the hills, the tapered olive groves whittled by the salt air, and the unmistakable stamp of ancient Greece, Byzantine empires, and Arab style. The former gateway to the Aegean is glorious. Visit the fairy-tale domed houses of Alberobello, sip dry white wines in Locorotundo, and taste some of Puglia’s best coastal cuisine in the picturesque seaside town of Polignano di Mare.

When To Charter A Yacht In East Italy

Mid spring is said to be the glory time for those looking to charter a yacht in East Italy. The summer months are sweet but can be crammed with tourists all wanting to take gondola rides. May or September are exceptional months – with fewer crowds and the weather warming up or cooling down nicely. If you want to see carnival then you need to cheque your calendar and figure out when lent is as it tends to fall 40 days before Easter. East Italy does tend to be quieter than the North and South for superyachts so you may find the Adriatic sea a serene place to be.